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[17 Sep 2001|05:54am]
[ mood | weird ]

Things are getting better wif JR.
He was s'posed to come over this weekend while my mom was in Florida wif her b/f, but I wasn't ever home, so he never got to.
Sucks, eh?
Yes, I'd say so.
Brents misses me. =)
Cale, Kenna, and Jess miss me toosies.
So, I feel loved!

Kyle was sad yesterday cuz Michael and Tausha had sex and Kyle likes her I'm guessing.
I don't know, but everything ghetto is going to shit.

Jessica B. and I just made up this plan to not go down there anymore because no matter what, we always end up pissed @ someone.
So, we're just gonna chill here from now on.
It's funner that way.

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it's been awhile.. [12 Sep 2001|08:02pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Whoa, it's been quite awhile since I've been writing on here.
Well, Thursday and Friday of last week I skipped school and hung with my buddies.
Saturday through Tuesday I was @ the beach with Jessica.
Today I beat some guys ass that called my dad a bitch.
Lotsa fun going on.

I saw him today..
He "misses" me.
He gently rubbed my face.
I went to 2nd period sad.
I miss him.
I love him.

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[06 Sep 2001|09:16pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Welcome back depression.
What fun.
Well, let's see what's went wrong in the past couple of days.
1. Yesterday, Chris and I were @ Kyle's and he decides he wants to fight me.
Well, I'm like this big time hardass person so I started fuckin' fightin' him.
We were kickin' the shit out of each other and I was in tons of pain, but I didn't give up.
Anyway, I now have a fucked up back, two bumps on my face, bruises everywhere, and another broken nose.
I hurt him a lot too, but still.
I never gave up and no one won the fight.

2. Today, Markie was talking about Chris and making fun of him for crying over my dad.
I was pissed.
And even after taking up for Chris, he almost starts to fight me again.
I left.
Chris probably believed Markie over me ((he told Chris he didn't say anything)), but oh well, I know what's right.

Well, Jessica, Brittany, and I all skipped today. ((From school))
It was kinda fun, not as fun as I usually have though.

Sarah's cheating on Bobby AGAIN.
I'm going to kill her, soon.

I almost killed some Stephanie chick the other day but I stopped punching her after I saw blood.. Then I walked away.



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[05 Sep 2001|06:13am]
[ mood | blah ]

Well, let's see.
I went to Amber's party yesterday ((and I sorta don't like Amber.. A LOT!)) with Jess.
She had like, 2 other people there and she spent the whole time talking to them instead of Jess and I.
We were there for like, 3 fuckin' hours.
And it wasn't any fun.
I coulda been out doing other fun stuff, dammit! *stomps feet*
Oh well.
Kyle and I are okay now, so that's cool.
We're back to buds like we used to be.
Brittany = dead. =c)

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bois bois bois.. *sigh* [03 Sep 2001|09:50pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Whoa, I really don't know what to do.
I like JR... lots.
I don't know why.
He reminds me of Michael so fucking much and Michael's every guy that I don't like.
But I do like it.
And ugh.. it's weird.
But I thought JR had a girlfriend...??
Then again, he was acting all lovey-dovey around me..
But I saw him with his girlfriend a week or so ago.
Well, I don't think he has his g/f anymore though cuz he's not that kind of guy.
I don't know..

Kyle's house was weird today.
Nothing there is normal.
I don't know.

But I like JR!
I getta see him tomorrie! *dances wif joy*
He better talk to me! mmmhmmm, he better! *waves fist*
Wow, this is weird.

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[02 Sep 2001|10:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

What a fuckin' day, I tell ya!!!!
Well, we left at about 12 ((noon)) and went to Jessica's house.
Got stoned with her step-mom and dad and then went ridin' with her step-mom ((Crystal)).
Well, Crystal saw her friend and he got us all high.
We were soooo blazed!
Well, we went to Kyle's and it turned out that Jessica and I were the only people NOT allowed in his room.
I know why now.
Brittany lied to him and told him all kinds of shit about us.
And it's cuz we won't hang out with her.
We're sneakin' out again tonight like we did yesterday.
Welp, byee!

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[02 Sep 2001|12:59am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Just chillin' @ home with Jessica waitin' for my mom to go to bed so we can sneak out. =)
We just watched Sugar and Spice, lovin' that movie.. Mmmhmm! =cP
We were s'posed to leave @ 1, but the moms was still asleep, so nope, can't do that.
Chris is askin' if we wanna smoke up right now, lol, and let my mom catch me!?!
OH YEA, that's exactly what I wanna do!
God, he's stupid.
Anyhoo.. about today/yesterday...
Jessica came and got me around 1 or so and we walked to Kyle's and then went to get Brittany, but no one was there.
Walked back to Kyle's and there was Brittany and some other people.
Got a line of an addy! YAYS! =P
Smoked 3 joints today and I gots another addy as well!
I'm speedin' right now, so mmhmm!

Brittany's like pissed @ Jessica and I because her mom said she can't hang out with me if I'm gonna be with Jessica..
And no, I don't like those circumstances and I'm not just gonna ditch Jessica because her mom wants me to.
She got pissed because she thinks I'm choosing between friends or something stupid like that but whatever.

I came to a disappointment today... =/ I was talkin' to my mom and she informed me that drug rehab wasn't until the 13th and here I was thinkin' it was the 6th.. *sigh*
What a bummer, eh?

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[01 Sep 2001|07:12am]
[ mood | tired ]

Whoa, yesterday was fun. =c)
Well, I went to my first and second period classes and got to see JR and Pork! =c) *fills wif joy*
I <3 my Pork! and it's been forever since I've seen him! ((Pork = Michael Park))
*sigh* So, yay for me there. *giggle*
Well, anyhoo, I talked to Pork for a minute after 2nd and well, I told him I had to go back to Vandy and he made me hug him and then we walked away.
The Vandy bus left without me.
So, I was there alone and just decided to walk off campus.
I walked all the way to Mark's, four cops passed me and waved on the way there. =cP
* i find it amusing that all they did was wave. *
John got there a little bit after me and we smoked up like 4 times! =)
So, I skipped school @ my uncle's and Chris came down @ around 3'ish.
It was pouring down the rain, but it stopped around 3:40 and Markie, John, Chris, and I all walked to Kyle's.
John had a joint, Markie had one, Kyle always has some, and Jesse and Brittany had one each.
They all matched each other and once again, we smoked up.
There were 5 joints going in a 7 person rotation. I was like, WHOA! =cP
I was sooo baked by then, but Brittany and I walked home.
Jessica and Brittany came and got me and we walked down to Kyle's again.
We matched him a joint so 4 people were smokin' 2 joints! =cP
I came home and Mom was screaming to me about someone stealing Chris's medicine ((it was Chris that did it though, but she still seems to want to blame me)).
Britt and Jessica hadda go home and I went to sleep while she was yelling at me.
I slept for like.. 11 hours! WHOA! LONG TIME!
Anyway, I'm "grounded" for a long time but I'm sure I'll get out of it today.
It's easy to get by with things if you have my mom cuz she's fuckin' dumb.
Welp, I better go.. byee! *waves*

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[30 Aug 2001|07:53pm]
[ mood | high ]

So, JR and I talked a little bit todays! =c)
The only bad thing is that I can't tell Sawah I likes him cuz well, I dunno... it'd just be superweird!

Just got back from Kyle's.
We all chilled for awhile.

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*'re so obsessed with his love, that's why push came to shove.-* [30 Aug 2001|06:28am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Just chillin' gettin' ready for school.
I woke up @ 5:30 today instead of 6 so I've already had time to shower and all so I thought I'd write! =c)
Gettin' ready to go get my make-up on.
I've been happy since a day before school started.
I think it's cuz I've been allowed out of this shit hole and can be with my friends.
When I'm here, I have waaaaay too much time to think about things and get depressed.
But with them, it's just like, I'm always happy.
They don't give me a reason to be sad.
Although a boy would be nice right now.
*smiles all cute*
Jackie keeps telling me that all kinds of people @ Vandy like me... yay! =c)
*giggle* Although I really don't like any of them cuz they's all immature and such... I'm after the highschoolers *growls*.
JR likes me, according to Sarah, so yay! =)
He's pretty cute himself, but shhh! I didn't say that! *winks*
He's a big senior though, lol, he wouldn't want the Becks!
Ah well, I'll just... chill like I have been doin'!
Can ya tell I'm hyper?
*gives you all Bekkee hugs*
Welp, I better go get ready cuz I gotta be @ Brittany's by 7:05! Byee!

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PHS! =c) [29 Aug 2001|08:18pm]
[ mood | high ]

Today was fun! =c)
Brit and I were at PHS for our first day!
My classes rock!
Well, on the way home from PHS to Vandy, I was annoyed, but it rocked other than that!
I made like...8 dollars just by selling cigs!
I was like, whoa!
Same thing today after school as before... mmmmhmmmm!

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how weird it feels! [28 Aug 2001|06:38pm]
[ mood | high ]

School was alright.
The walk there just kicked ass!
We had TONS of fun.
But we walked too slowly.
And was almost late on our first day.
But it's okie cuz we were there just in time!
42 of our fuckin' 8th graders ((the ones who are s'posed to be 9th)) failed last year, so there are only 54 freshmen!!!
Funny stuff!
Hmm, today I wore this super mega cute princess shirt and skin tight bellbottoms, whoa, I was hot!
Welp, I'm out! Byee! *waves*

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...the time of truth... [28 Aug 2001|06:57am]
[ mood | excited ]

Welp, I guess I'm off to school!
Byee everyone, have fun todays! =c) *waves*

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grounded...again! *mad face* [27 Aug 2001|03:34pm]
[ mood | high ]

I got grounded again last night because my mom hit me and I called her a fucking whore. >=c|
She's @ work right now, so I snuck on.
I just got back from Kyle's.
Markie, Tausha, Brittany, Kyle, Jackie, and Chris were there.
Tomorrow, we start school.
Kyle and the gang are all walking to school together.
We're getting sooo wasted! =c)
We're all gonna have our own joints on the way there.
I'm actually excited for school now. *giggle*
Welp, I'm out.

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*-.i don't want this, remember that, i'll never forget, where you're at.-* [26 Aug 2001|03:26pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Well well well, what an interesting night I had last night.
My mom had her friend over and they got drunk on the front porch. I got to talk to my Sawy for a while on the fone.
I also talked to Greggy ((he's soo sweet)) and Brittany.
Brittany and I talked for a long ass time... about everything.
Jeff and I stayed up talking online until 5 this morning. ((we started talking at like.. 6 in the afternoon))
He's supposed to come over today! =c) FUN!!
Whoa, sex city. *giggle*
Haha, he wants me to abuse him while we fuck, lol.
I told him I would cuz I'm cool with that and now Michael wants me to do it to him as well. *giggles a lot*
Isn't that lovely?

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*-and if you're feeling scared, remember the times we shared, ya know it meant everything to me-* [26 Aug 2001|12:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

I went shopping today.
I got some new school shoes, cd's, candy, and a lot of fruit! =c)
Woohoo for me!
My mom's outside on the porch getting drunk.
Well, she's already drunk, but still.
It's amusing! =c)
I've been on the phone with everyone today!
I've eaten tons too! =cP
Hmm, I don't know what to say...
I'll go now, but more later!

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*-and if you're feeling scared, remember the times we shared, ya know it meant everything to me-* [25 Aug 2001|11:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I went shopping today.
I got some new school shoes, cd's, candy, and a lot of fruit! =c)
Woohoo for me!
My mom's outside on the porch getting drunk.
Well, she's already drunk, but still.
It's amusing! =c)
I've been on the phone with everyone today!
I've eaten tons too! =cP
Hmm, I don't know what to say...
I'll go now, but more later!

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[25 Aug 2001|11:41am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I was up until 6 this morning.
My mom decides to wake me up by screaming through the house, "I CANT FIND MY DAMN KEYS" ((at 8 in the morning, mind you)).
Then, I get back to sleep, sorta.
Well, she decides to run through screaming it some more.
Then, she fucking screams, "I FOUND THE SON OF A BITCHES".
I was telling her how much Chris and I didn't give a fuck.
But, noooo.. SHE HAD TO WAKE ME UP.
And I can't go back to sleep.
Gah, FUCK HER! >=c|
I need plans for tonight.
I definately won't be able to stay in this house.
Fuck that shit. *gives mean face*

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[24 Aug 2001|11:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Went to the game.
We won, as usual.
We never lose.
It's sickening.
Oh well, I gotta see my Sawy so I'm happy! =c)
I got to see a lot of friends from school too.
Weird how much you miss people you never thought you cared about.
Welp, I'll write more later. Byee!

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x-so where do we go and what do we do? and why is the table set for two?-x [24 Aug 2001|08:12am]
[ mood | excited ]

I called Sarah last night.
She thought I was sent up because last time we talked I had gotten in trouble w/the po-po for the 3494th time. ((the last time we talked was like.. 3 days before last night))
We were s'posed to sneak out and see each other today, but she has plans with JR. =c/
Michael's introduced me to that guy before.
He's pretty neat.
Although Michael has this obsession with calling me Jennifer Love Hewitt ((everyone tells me I look exactly like her)), and well, when I met JR, Michael was pointing to me saying, "Jennifer Love Hewitt", and I was like, "Umm.." and the JR guy was like freaking out because I "look soo much like her."
It's cool to look like her, I guess.
But everyone tells me all the time and it's somewhat annoying now.
Anyway.. Back to my story.
We were talking and I was crying - without letting her know - because everything was going wrong.
I was being a major bitch.
Major beyotch!
Chris ((my older brother)) started being assish so I told her I'd call her back.
I never did.
Instead, I spent my whole last night crying.
I woke up this morning with 20 or so different messages. =c)!
I felt so loved!
I missed it so much.
I used to wake up like every morning with at least messages from 10 different people. =c)
I think I'm gonna be happy again! *crosses fingers with hope*

Oh!!! Mom said that if I clean today, then I can go to the PHS game tonight ((PHS is my highschool, I'm still in Jr. High, but like.. We're a major football city. We have the 3rd best team in the nation, so =P))!
I'm gonna clean extra lots and then call up some people and get a group to go with.
Fun stuff! I actually get to leave! *majorly surprised face* WHOA!

*giggle* Welp, I need to shower, and clean so I can get ready for the night. Byee! *waves*

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